• We cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to have found Jessie and how thrilled we were to have her officiate our ceremony. Brooke and I live in Louisiana but were planning a New Jersey wedding, and from the very beginning of our planning process, Jessie was incredibly helpful and flexible with our long-distance wedding planning, letting us interview her over Skype and share our vision for the ceremony with her. What Jessie does is truly artistry; she takes the individuality of each marriage partner and the details of a couple's individual love story and forms an inclusive and customized ceremony enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

    And she included us as active participants, and writers, even, in this process, sending us drafts and asking us for feedback along the way. And Jessie even dressed in cowboy boots to match our theme and decor!

    When we were reading reviews for celebrants, we saw that many of the couples who had worked with Jessie were asked afterwards by their friends and family if she was a longtime friend of theirs, and though our wedding day was the first time we had the privilege of meeting Jessie in person, our guests assumed the same. That's how intimate and perfectly tailored our ceremony was.

    Working with Jessie was not only a good decision, but the only decision -- our wedding day would not have been the personal, beautiful, memorable occasion it was without her. Thanks, Jessie!
    - Billie & Brooke
  • Jessie is incredible. She was the first person we hired for our wedding and the last person I saw (other my bridal attendant) before I went down the aisle. She is warm, sweet, pleasant, and a very special person. She is also extremely talented at what she does. Her entire process - from the initial consultation to the wedding homework to the ceremony drafting - is handled professionally and efficiently.

    She's the only person I ever met who gets back to e-mails quicker than I do, and in my book that alone deserves five stars. In the crazy whirlwind of wedding planning, Jessie was dependable and calm, and she always had a quick answer and a kind word. We constantly would say that we felt so lucky and happy to have her.

    Her wedding homework was great for me to fill out; I laughed, I cried, I thought about my life and my relationship and my family and my friends and love. The ceremony she wrote for us was also very beautiful. I felt so calm on my wedding night, and I really enjoyed standing under the chuppah with my husband listening to Jessie's mellow, strong voice read our ceremony. We told her we wanted something sentimental but light-hearted, funny but emotional, and that is exactly what we got. Jessie took our suggestions for readings, quotes, and features (like the wine ceremony and our Seven Blessings) beautifully, and we had a lot of them. She also put up with me putting my lawyer hat on and red-lining her first ceremony draft, which means she is a saint.

    She also selected her attire and even nail polish to coordinate with our wedding colors, which was really awesome. Most importantly, though, she was reliable and on top of her job. We got our marriage certificate back from the town clerk while we were on our honeymoon. When I opened it, I realized I hadn't even asked about the marriage license after I handed it off to my maid of honor on the morning of the wedding. I trusted Jessie that much to do her job and to do it right, and she absolutely did.

    We really wanted to be married by someone who worked to get a good personal sense of us and could speak genuinely about us as a couple. It was so important to us to have a ceremony that could both be a written artifact of this amazing event in our lives as well as a statement to our guests and loved ones about who we are and what we believe. When you have a secular wedding you get the entire time of your ceremony to express yourself to your guests, tell your story, and create your own ritual that solemnizes your connection and celebrates your past, present, and future. A number of our guests have told me that they thought Jessie was a friend of ours, someone who had known us for years. They were really surprised to learn that we had found her online and hired her as our Celebrant. Jessie has our very highest possible recommendation. She's the best!
    - Sally & Bill
  • Words cannot express how awesome Jessie Blum is! She put together the most warm, unique, and personal ceremony for us! Our guests ALL commented that the ceremony was incredibly special and like nothing they had ever seen before. Jessie was recommended to us by a friend of a friend. In fact, we were unsure that we would even have a ceremony because we wanted something very non-traditional, but as soon as we met with Jessie we both knew that she was perfect for us!

    During our initial meeting, we expressed a few strong opinions, but also asked for her guidance. She listened to what we wanted, respected our wishes, and suggested ideas that we loved! For example, we wanted some sort of ritual during the ceremony but didn’t know what exactly we envisioned. She suggested a wine sharing, which evolved into a prosecco and chocolate sharing (both prosecco and chocolate have special meaning to us). It was her creative thinking and willingness to work with our vision that makes Jessie so amazing! Throughout the whole planning process, she was always there to answer my (many) questions via email, no matter how large or small – often her answers would come within minutes of my query! She was accommodating and flexible when we changed from a small private ceremony to a much larger one just a few months before the wedding – in fact, she didn’t bat an eye at our change of plans.

    In the end, the ceremony that Jessie created for us was PERFECT – I can’t imagine improving it at all. It was sweet, funny, celebratory, and very touching. From the personal details that she included, it seemed as if an old and dear friend was marrying us (even though we had only met Jessie in person once and did the rest of our communications via email). Our guests were laughing, “ooohing” and “aaahing” and tearing up at the appropriate moments. Jessie Blum is amazing and I recommend her highly – I have every confidence that she will create a ceremony that is personal, meaningful, and perfect for you! Every time I think about our ceremony, I still smile – thank you Jessie, for doing such a great job!
    - Jessica & Brad
  • Jessie was so wonderful at our wedding. People kept coming up to me after the ceremony asking who she was, if she was a close friend or what? Nope! Found her on the internet! My husband and I are non-denominational and were in a bit of a quandary as to who we would have marry us. We wanted a professional, but someone non-religious. Jessie not only fit our bill, but really created a lovely and personal ceremony for us. She was such a calming presence and so professional during the whole process. Very easy to communicate with and responsive to questions and e-mails. Her sunny disposition made planning our ceremony a breeze! I would definitely recommend Jessie to any bride!
    - Blythe & T.Jay
  • My husband and I absolutely loved working with Jessie from Eclectic Unions. We first got in touch with Jessie because we wanted a simple, unique, non-religious ceremony. She was so personable and funny at our first meeting, we knew she was right for us. She was so in touch throughout the whole process and really created a personalized, one of a kind ceremony. I felt like she took the time to get us as a couple and answer any wedding related questions we had. I also really enjoyed her process of having the couple answer questions about their relationship separately to provide information for the ceremony. We chose to share our answers over dinner before the wedding and it was just a really fun conversation to have with my future husband and go over the little details of our relationship. It was also really nice to see all of those little details we shared show up in Jessie's ceremony. All of our guests loved our ceremony and we receive compliments on it every day! If I could do it all over again, I would definitely work with Jessie again!
    - Aileen & Cory
  • Jessie was incredibly responsive during the entire process. She would email me back so quickly sometimes that I almost thought it was an automated out-of-office reply, but then I would read it and discover it was a thoughtful email that addressed any and all questions I had.

    She wrote a beautiful ceremony and tailored it just for us. She showed us a first draft way in advance to give us plenty of time to make comments and adjustments (not that we had very many). Throughout the chaos of the wedding process, her professionalism was wonderful and much appreciated. Many people commented to me after the service how lovely and heartfelt the ceremony was.

    Overall, Jessie was a breeze to work with, and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for an officiant.
    - Susan & Sam
  • Of all the vendors we worked with in the wedding planning process, Jessie was the most reliable. She did everything that she promised to do and more to make sure we understood the process for the ceremony and getting our marriage license. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and what the wedding meant to us. She brought a personal touch a joyful spirit to our ceremony and we couldn't be happier!
    - Victoria + Bill
  • First and foremost, Jessie is personable, professional, and dedicated to her craft. We particularly appreciated smaller details like her great responsiveness, flexibility, and graceful presentation (the tablet, discreet PA and mic). Our custom ceremony went off without a hitch, with Jessie delivering the perfect mix of poignancy, levity, and a beautiful narrative. Leading up to the ceremony, we went through several drafts and she both provided helpful suggestions and was similarly receptive to our edits and modifications. We (as most other reviewers have noted) received a great deal of positive feedback about Jessie and our ceremony, and naturally everyone wanted to know how we found this great officiant. In short, we wouldn't have changed a thing and would heartily recommend her to others.
    - Cheryl & Russell
  • I am so thankful that I found Jessie's info on a wedding blog last year! Jessie was SO easy to work with and such a pleasure to be around! She really is one of those people you want to be bff's with after your wedding is over!

    I helped my best friend plan her own wedding 3 years ago and she really wanted us to go with her officiant. A wonderful and very sweet woman but she just wasn't right for us. We(myself and my hubby) are not religious. We've both been married before and are quite quirky. We didn't want to be married by someone that just filled in names into a generic ceremony. We didn't want to include religious readings or do an all out performance of the wedding ceremony from "The Princess Bride" either.

    When I read Jessie's reviews, and looked at her website, I felt like she was the perfect fit for us. The one thing that stuck in my mind were the photos of her performing ceremonies and the pure joy you could feel just by looking at them. THAT was what I wanted for our ceremony. I wanted it to speak about us, to be something that made sense for us, but also wasn't completely off the wall because it still is a really serious thing we were doing by getting married. Jessie met with us and got to know us. It was great! Once we decided to book her she had us both answer questions about each other, our relationship, our families. She even helped me come up with a different way of including our daughters(both from previous marriages) into our ceremony without doing the same ol' sand/unity ceremony.

    We received SO many compliments on the ceremony that night. Everyone cried, laughed and felt the love! THANK YOU Jessie!
    - Cari + Jay
  • Jessie was an absolutely angel to work with. She was very organized and passionate about our wedding ceremony and I think that is why we felt so comfortable with choosing her. Luckily enough the wedding angels were working in our favor the day I called Jessie to see if she was available to speak at our wedding (3 weeks before the date!).

    We ran into a slight problem when our friend, who was going to marry us, got called to duty and had to leave right before our wedding and would miss it completely. I searched high and low, website to website for hours upon end, and no one was perfect for us.

    Until I saw Jessie's bio on her website, I knew she had to be the one! Luckily enough she was available for our rehearsal and for our wedding, so we got to work right away. She was so well organized in the ceremony format and she really knows how to stay traditional but yet be nontraditional, and that's what we were looking for. She had great advice and plenty of knowledge about different types of readings because we weren't really sure what we were aiming for.

    I know I will be using her in our vow renewals many years from now, because our day would not of been the same if she wasn't there. A+ all around!
    - Erica + Christian
  • Jessie was absolutely terrific! I couldn't have asked for more! I asked Jessie to not wear black (on my wedding day, I didn't want anyone wearing black), and she did just that - she wore a beautiful green and beige dress, and she helped the bridal and grooms party, who told me she was great and so patient with 18 people in total!! Everyone I spoke to loved our ceremony and said that it felt so warm and like everyone was a part of this big moment in our lives! Jessie, you are the best - thank you so much for everything!!
    - Sue & Aaron
  • My now husband and I met with Jessie, and instantly felt a great rapport with her. She was professional, full of ideas, fantastic at communicating via e-mail (my communication of choice), and everyone at our wedding couldn't stop talking afterwards about how ours was the nicest, most personalized wedding they had ever been to. Honestly, Jessie was my favorite vendor to work with during the hectic planning process, and I could not be more grateful we found her.
    - Kira & Scott
  • People came away from our ceremony asking us for Jessie's information, and just gushing about what a beautiful ceremony we had. Jessie was the most amazing person to work with. Kind, easy-going, on top of things, understanding and smart, she made our ceremony completely ours. From the start when we met, we found we had so much in common. She is so easy to get along with. When we filled in our "wedding homework," I remember thinking how thorough she was with her questioning - she really wants to get to know you and your partner so she can be sure that everyone at your ceremony knows your love story. That's exactly what happened. Our ceremony was catered especially to us - and Jessie didn't bat an eyelash when we requested for some thing to be added or moved around. She even had our vows printed out on beautiful paper! Now they look beautiful in our keepsake wedding box. Not only did she do all of that, but she helped us sort out the confusing things like applying for the wedding license and how to obtain it afterwards! Jessie, we would have been lost without you! I only wish that all of the ceremonies I have attended in the past had been written by you! Hopefully, many of the future ones will be!
    - Lisa & Eric
  • Jessie from Eclectic Unions made our wedding ceremony so perfect from start to finish. We interviewed more than one officiant, and as soon as we spoke to Jessie on the phone we knew we'd found "the one". She is super professional, helpful, and had lots of great ideas for our ceremony... we wanted something non-religious, fun, with a little bit of "awwww" in there as well, and she did all of that 1000%. All night long at the reception, our guests were raving about how our ceremony was so personal and so "us" and asking how in the world we had found her. Seriously, hiring Jessie to do your wedding will be one of the best decisions you make.. having her on our team took so much planning stress away, and made our day awesome!
    - Jenn & Jack
  • We knew as a couple that we wanted our ceremony to be about us...not to involve any religion. When we met Jessie for the first day we absolutely loved her! We loved completing her wedding homework. It was a great way to appreciate and reminisce over our relationship. Once we received our customized ceremony we were in shock! Jessie absolutely nailed it! From quoting our wedding homework to involving a piece about our matching anchor tattoos and what the anchor tattoo means to us. All our guests could not stop raving at what a unique ceremony it was! Jessie is even as detailed organized (as me!) that she had matching nail polish to our wedding colors and had our friends readings printed on anchor paper! There was a bit of an issue with our sound system that I was unaware about until after the entire wedding was over. Jessie worked with our musician to make sure he had her mic for the processionals and recessionals! I did not even notice! Again - not enough words to say how awesome Jessie is! Thanks Jessie
    - Nichole & William