Wedding: Eric & Courtney

Courtney and Eric were engaged on the Brooklyn Bridge – a place that holds a special significance to Courtney, and now holds a special meaning for both of them. Their ceremony was held on the stunning Pebble Beach within Brooklyn Bridge Park, behind the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. We included a handfasting, and they said there, “I do’s” while they were bound together.

Their personal vows were heartfelt and lovely, and the whole celebration seemed to capture them well – it was thoughtful, personal, meaningful, and unique.  Their reception was held at reBar, in DUMBO, and the couple lead a parade of their guests through Brooklyn, to make their way to the celebration.  Courtney wrote a really eloquent post on her blog about it, too (she has her first novel coming out soon!).

Thanks to Courtney for sharing these stunning photos with me.  Just look at the bride and groom’s faces! They really say it all, right?

LOVE this breaking of the glass shot!



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    I like his blue socks! This wedding seems so real because there is none of the pomp and circumstance. I will be getting married within the next 2 years, and I am really struggling with what “kind” of wedding to have. I like the simplicity here.

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      Yes, this wedding felt very authentic to who they were. I loved that, post ceremony, the couple lead a parade through Brooklyn, as they walked their guests to the reception site. The ceremonial and ritual aspects were there, but in a very low key way. Best of luck with your wedding plans, Beth!

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    This may not be the typical wedding ceremony that some will consider ideal but there is no doubt that they have made something really special and memorable out of the occasion. It may not be that elegant but it has the outstanding characteristics that will leave a strong mark on anyone.

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